ZenSupply specializes in providing commercial-grade locks for a variety of applications, to suit the security needs of your business

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Our cylindrical locks are designed for durability and reliability, ensuring your apartment is protected at all times.

Our locks are designed with security and durability in mind, ensuring maximum protection for your premises.

Featuring an electrified design that allows for integration with existing access control systems, our products make entries easy to manage.

Eliminating the hassle of key management, they can be easily installed on a variety of door materials including wood, metal, and glass.

Introducing high-quality public toilet cylindrical locks - a durable and secure solution for your restroom needs.

Our keyed locks are easy to install and come with a smooth and reliable mechanism that ensures privacy and protection.

Ensure the safety of your students, staff, and equipment, and have peace of mind knowing that your facilities are secure.

Secure entrances of all your important facilities with our range of cylindrical locks.

Our office locks provide top-notch security for your workspace. Trust us to keep your office secure.

Our locks offer a sturdy and reliable solution for securing storage areas, and other important spaces.

With their sleek cylindrical design, our locks will blend in seamlessly with your passageways.

Ideal for doors that do not require locking functionality, these dummy trim locks add a touch of elegance while giving the look of a working lock.

With various features such as keyless entry and customizable PIN, our locks allow for easy and convenient access for authorized personnel.

Our locks are designed for durability, with a strong, tamper-resistant construction that can withstand everyday use on exits.

Ensuring that your patio remains safe and secure even in the toughest weather conditions.

Whether you're looking to secure a small store or a large commercial space, our store locks have got you covered.

The compact design allows for versatile installation, making our locks suitable for a wide range of retail applications.

Providing peace of mind for patients, staff, and hospital administrators alike, our locks are an essential component of any secure medical facility.

Our range of hotel cylindrical locks are the ultimate solution for securing hotel rooms and guest areas.

The compact design of our locks allows for versatile installation, making them suitable for a wide range of institutional applications.

Upgrade your security today with our innovative and effective service station cylindrical locks.

Our closet locks are the ideal solution for keeping your personal belongings and valuables secure.

Made with sturdy materials, our locks offer a strong and reliable defense against unauthorized access.

Our corridor locks are designed to provide the ultimate security and protection for your building's hallways and common areas.

Our vestibule locks offer unparalleled security and protection for your building's entrance areas.