About LCN

Slamming church doors are the beginning of LCN’s rich history. In 1877, our founder was hired to solve the problem of a Boston church’s noisy doors. His invention became the world’s first door check. Soon after the doors at the Trinity Church were under control, he formed a company to manufacture his newfound invention.

Following his ideals, LCN has dedicated its time and resources to doing one thing—producing the finest line of door control devices possible. Our innovations include the patented Green Dial, forged steel arms, Liquid X hydraulic fluid, a double heat-treated steel pinion, a heat-treated steel piston and full complement steel bearings. We strive to understand today’s challenges in the field so that we have a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs. This customer intimacy drives us to exceed expectations with premium materials, robust testing protocols and best-in-class customer service. From installation through daily operation, customers can count on LCN.


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