Door Closers

ZenSupply is dedicated to providing the most durable products engineered to the highest levels of precision. Our range of door closers is suitable for a wide range of door types.

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Backed by expert support, our surface mounted door closers are well-known for their durability.

ZenSupply’s range of Concealed Door Closers are ideal for places where floor hinges are difficult to install.

Designed to be held open during normal use, but to close automatically when a fire is detected.

Our range of Floor Mounted Door Closers is ideal for very heavy doors to provide excellent support.

Our Cam Action Door Closers offer a much lower opening resistance while delivering optimum closing force and control.

Explore our High Security Door Closers with specialty design features to minimize vandalism and tampering.

Using a spring or hydraulic mechanism to provide the closing force, they ensure improved security, particularly at public spaces.

Door Closers